Online Advertising Campaigns

Google Adwords, Instagram & Facebook

Now your business can be in the first results of the Google.

Maximize your profits by optimizing the investments efforts.

Get better results compared to traditional advertising methods.

How does it work? With 3 simple steps we will get there.

Advertising Campaign Design
Advertising Campaign Design
Phase 1
Keywords analysis.
Selection of landing URL.
Selection of phrases that will at thactivate your ads.
Ads creation.
Campaign segmentation. Specific geolocation.
Ads scheduling, most convenient days and hours.
Auction adjustment.
Start up.
Monthly Optimization
Monthly Optimization
Phase 2
Monthly budget suggestions.
Analysis of monthly behaviour and results.
Phrases tracking.
Admission of negative words.
Auction optimization per location, days and posting hours.
Auction optimization per device.
Ads generation, extensions and tracking codes.
Monthly report.
Monthly budget investment
Monthly budget investment
Phase 3
One Man Studio will conduct a keyword analysis to provide a three different monthly investment budget options.
The above according to the geographical location to be impacted and the estimated number of clicks. The bigger the budget, the better results.
We are certified by Google Adwords, which ensures the success of your ads campaign.

It’s a fact!

Due to it´s segmentation power, Google Adwords advertising campaigns allow us to reach levels of customization that are very specialized and specific. This ensures you that each customer who arrives at the destination website has a clear interest, which translates into a much greater purchase opportunity.

As good as it gets!

Your Ads will only reach potential customers, those who are already looking for your product / service and need it.

But first I need

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