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Administracion De Redes Sociales One Man Studio

Social Media Management

Management of Social Media is a strategy of constant approach and interaction with customers; they are also very effective self-promotion and organic positioning channels.

Content is king

Thanks to their power of reach, social networks are not only an information tool about the business that seeks to generate a conversation or engagement with the target audience, they also function as a direct sales channel.

Social Media Management include:

  • Profiles creation (Graphic design and / or professional photography in stock).
  • Eventual change of profile images.
  • Increase in the number of followers.
  • Redirection to the official website.
  • Digital banners design.
  • Quality content creation.
  • Hashtags usage
  • Publication and dissemination of advertising / information material (website URL´s).
  • Postings requested by the client (number of posts per day and posting calendar).
  • Structure for launches and / or special promotions.
  • Monitoring of audience interactions.
  • Redirection of private messages to the person designated by the client.
  • Search and engage groups and private communities.
  • Hashtags creation
  • Keyword application (S.E.O.)
  • Upload videos and images specified by the client.
  • May include an Instagram or Facebook Ads campaign (does not include investment budget)
Diseño Grafico Para Tu Negocio One Man Studio

I also need:

Agencia Certificada en Google Ads

Como Agencia Google Partner podemos ayudarte a mejorar la publicidad de tu negocio.

Como socios de Google, estamos entrenados ​​en todo lo relacionado con Google Ads, estamos dedicados al marketing de búsqueda de pago para una variedad de clientes. Ser socio de Google significa que brindamos un servicio al cliente de calidad, ofrecemos una ventaja competitiva a los clientes y hemos recibido capacitación para ayudar a que las empresas crezcan en línea. A continuación se presentan  ventajas específicas de trabajar con un socio de Google como nosotros.