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What is an SSL Certificate and what is it for
What is an SSL Certificate and what is it for
What is an SSL Certificate and what is it for?
What is an SSL Certificate and what is it for?

You already have the perfect domain name for your website and you already have your products ready to sell, but your customers do not buy because your site is not secure. In order for your site to be secure you need to have an SSL certificate.


What is an SSL certificate?


“SSL” is the abbreviation of “Secure Sockets Layer”. In simpler terms, it’s the way small businesses communicate with customers so they can search, buy products or services and share information securely with you online. Without being too technical, adding an SSL creates a secure connection for those types of activities.

SSL is the backbone of a secure site that protects sensitive information as it travels through the world’s computer networks. SSL is essential to protect websites, even if they do not handle sensitive information such as credit cards. It provides privacy, critical security and data integrity for your websites and the personal information of your users.

Before quickly discarding your site as “too small to be a target”, keep in mind that most interceptions are made electronically without a human being deciding who is attacked.

No site is too small to be hacked.

Hackers have a goal, and that is to find vulnerabilities. Once discovered, he begins his dirty work.


How the SSL certificate works


An SSL certificate works to create an encrypted connection between your visitor’s browser and the server. A secure session is established through a “handshake” process, which involves a back and forth between the web browser and the web server, this happens behind, all without interrupting the shopping or browsing experience.

Does your website need an SSL certificate?


Accept payment securely

Do you want to put your customers at risk and steal your credit card information while they shop on your site?

Some online store and shopping cart programs come with an integrated secure payment system. In these cases, a third party handles credit cards or provides another method of online payment. If this applies, your small business may not need the additional protection of an SSL for your payment page.

However, there are other reasons to add an SSL:


Protect passwords

One of the main reasons why you might want to add an SSL certificate to your website is if any of your pages are password protected. This includes WordPress or Joomla! or other database-based sites with a login page for the administrator.

Membership sites with multiple logins also create more opportunities to attack black hat hackers.

The web is full of robots that lurk looking for pages of badly protected passwords to give them access to your website. You do not want to log in only to discover that your pages have been deleted or deleted.

Secure all web forms

Not everyone collects money online. Some websites collect information. These could be possible potential customers. Or questionnaires about your client’s employment history. Or something. If you are collecting even the most basic information, such as name, address, phone number, and email address, your customers may not want that information leaked.

Without an SSL certificate, some types of form mail can be intercepted. Some code is more reliable than others. Do you want to take risks that yours is susceptible to hacking?

This is the reason why securing your forms online with an SSL certificate is also mandatory. You would not do business with someone who skipped this step. Do not give anyone this reason to not do business with you.


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