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Impact of social media for your business.
Impact of social media for your business.
Impacto de las redes sociales One Man Studio
Impacto de las redes sociales One Man Studio

People seek more often to establish emotional links with the products they buy, and brands constantly strive to make that connection happen at much deeper levels.

Social networks have managed to be part of the strategy of companies in terms of achieving objectives; you can not and should not do without them.

It is a tendency that through social networks people share what their shopping experience has meant, for example, their stay in a hotel, a dish of a restaurant or also the quality of that garment that was purchased in a store on-line.

Millions of Internet users share a number of opinions that greatly impact future purchasing decisions in the public; In this way an exchange of comments, opinions, suggestions and doubts in real time and extremely influential for decision making (almost immediate) is unleashed.

One of the advantages of social networks is that because they are communicated in real time and also provide the benefit of reaching as many contacts as possible (in a very short period of time), they are considered a very informative vehicle. powerful; we can assure that they are really effective tools for the marketing and branding of a brand, which, in turn, obtains the opportunity to make the necessary improvements to offer better experiences to customers in the future.

Think of a person who uploads a photograph of their new acquisition to their social networks, and that their reaction has been positive; The most likely result is that people who are part of your audience want to feel just as happy and have already considered that product / service recommended as an option to buy.

It is for this reason that a brand must have a strategy for social networks both external and internal.

Internally, as part of the culture of a company it is necessary to focus especially on the sense of integration that means for the workers of the brand, the fact of being able to express themselves in social networks about the products / services they represent, achievements and innovations of the company for which they collaborate.

The sense of belonging to a brand is cause for satisfaction and the power to aerate it, makes it stronger in all senses. The first ambassadors of a brand are its own workers.

On the other hand, external efforts are raised in a more methodical way and through social media professionals.


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Agencia Certificada en Google Ads

Como Agencia Google Partner podemos ayudarte a mejorar la publicidad de tu negocio.

Como socios de Google, estamos entrenados ​​en todo lo relacionado con Google Ads, estamos dedicados al marketing de búsqueda de pago para una variedad de clientes. Ser socio de Google significa que brindamos un servicio al cliente de calidad, ofrecemos una ventaja competitiva a los clientes y hemos recibido capacitación para ayudar a que las empresas crezcan en línea. A continuación se presentan  ventajas específicas de trabajar con un socio de Google como nosotros.